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Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department is now part of the Purple Cities Alliance.

Pictured: Jerry Dougherty-TVVFD Chief; Sarah- Our Place New Director as of 2/1; Celia- Current Director and trainer for TVVFD

The Purple Cities Alliance provides dementia education and training resources that enable community members and organizations to become more dementia friendly. It was created with the goal of making Knoxville, TN the first Dementia Friendly City (“Purple City”) in the U.S. and continues to serve as a model for other communities across the country. 

In a Purple City, community members and organizations execute specific steps to learn about dementia and help those with dementia feel safer and better cared for in our community.  The Purple Cities Alliance is a team of local volunteers, practitioners, and community leaders leading this initiative.  

The Purple Cities Alliance of East Tennessee is encouraging all citizens and organizations in Tennessee to join in the journey toward making our communities safe for our neighbors who are dealing with cognitive issues.  We also encourage communities everywhere to download our education materials to use as a base for their own journey toward becoming dementia friendly. 

They are a grass roots, completely volunteer driven organization and rely completely on the kindness of people who give freely of their time and resources to create a community that is prepared to lend a hand to our neighbors with dementia. 

They are proud to provide Dementia Education to companies and organizations that would like to create dementia friendly communities. 

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