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Mutual Aid


Automatic Mutual Aid

Automatic Mutual Aid (AMA) is assistance dispatched automatically by contractual agreement between fire departments to all first alarm structural fires. TVVFD participates in an AMA arrangement with all Loudon County volunteer departments. Our Department’s commitment is to send our personnel and equipment as needed when needed. A unique tone is used to alert TVVFD firefighters to an AMA call versus a fire or medical call in Tellico Village.

Why use TVVFD resources outside the Village?

AMA is mutually beneficial relationship to the residents of Tellico Village. It provides TVVFD firefighters with the opportunity to execute and grow their firefighting skills in the support of our nearby communities. This enhances the TVVFD’s ability to respond to fires when they occur in Tellico Village.

Additionally, it provides reciprocal support when something substantive is occurring in the Village, such as the Tanasi Clubhouse fire when Greenback, Philadelphia and Loudon County departments responded.

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