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…As we watched, we saw our Village friends and neighbors in a whole new light…before our eyes they were transformed to firefighters intent on rescuing our house… your training was powerfully evident as was your genuine care and concern…

Testimonials continue

…Within seconds of a 911 call, the TVVFD medical team arrived and began to administer aid. They went about their job quickly giving us the confidence that put us at ease… all turned out well…

…We recently had a medical emergency. Our TVVFD were incredibly prompt and professional. If you
ever face this situation, you will pay any price to have assistance as soon as possible… It is never too late to put a check in the mail to the TVVFD…

…My husband looked out the bedroom window… The house across the lots was fully engulfed in flames. It was so far gone I was sure a 911 call had been made but I called anyway. Although it seemed like an eternity, our first responders were there in minutes. They had the fire under control in a very short time. The family is on vacation and, although the house is a total loss, no one was hurt. I just want to say our Volunteer Department did a great job and we are very lucky to have them. Next time they have a fundraiser we will be digging a little deeper in our pockets, hope you do the same.

...We had heard how wonderful the First Responder Team was, but had never had to use it before. This was the first time we ever called 911 and to experience your promptness, professionalism, helpfulness, and caring attitude makes me grateful to live where this service is available. You are very much appreciated.

...As we get older, the number one priority is medical care. Having witnessed your responder team in action makes me realize there is no other community (that I know of) that offers that sense of security.

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